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Emil Theodor Kocher

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Written by Neville Dastur   
Saturday, 12 March 2005 23:56
  • Name: Emil Theodor Kocher
  • Dates: 1841-1917
  • Nationality: German
  • Place of Birth: Berne
  • Last Post: Professor of Surgery at Berne
  • Last ward round note: ...and I pulled onto the hard shoulder only to find the fan belt had gone.
  • Claim to fame: NoblePrize for work on the Thyroid gland 1909
  • Orthopaedics: Kocher's method of reduction of a dislocated shoulder 1870
  • General Surgery: Kocher's incision, manoeuvre and forceps (see text below)

Undoubtedly, an excellent surgical genius. Studied in London, Paris, Berlin and Vienna. Professor of Surgery aged 31. Apart from inventing the occasional surgical tool, he spent the average day figuring out and recording incisions and approaches which culminated into an astonishing book.

Kocher's right subcostal incision or a double Kocher 'rooftop incision' with their subsequent approaches, gives wide exposure to the upper abdominal viscera. Kocher's manoeuvre gives access to the posterior duodenal surface and the head of the pancreas. In addition the lower bile duct is exposed. This is achieved via an incision along the peritoneum at the right edge of the duodenum (2nd part). One then turns the duodenum medially, taking extreme caution not to damage the ureter, gonadal vessels and the IVC.

Kocher's forceps are toothed artery forceps and are used for clamping tissues securely before dividing them -amongst other things.

One particular lecture he attended Kocher managed to upstage Billroth who was getting into difficulties trying to reduce a dislocated shoulder (been there, done that, couldn't get the T-shirt on). Kocher, diplomatically no doubt, suggested they might let him have a go - the rest, as they say, is history.



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