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Hugh Owen Thomas

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Written by Administrator   
Sunday, 13 March 2005 00:44
  • Name: Hugh Owen Thomas
  • Dates: 1834-1891
  • Nationality: English
  • Place of Birth: Angelsey
  • Last Post: A Liverpool Bone Setter
  • Last ward round note: You know I should really stop smoking.
  • Claim to fame: The Thomas Splint and Hip Flexion Test

From a long line of welsh setters ( bone setters that is), Thomas set up practice in Liverpool after medical school working mainly from home. Reknown for his dark and slightly eccentric attire including a black naval cap and for his insatiable nicotine habit, he set about inventing orthopaedic splints including the cervical collar and heel wedges not to mention the Thomas Knee Splint which he mainly utilised for immobilsing Tuberculous knee joints. This was made ubiquitous by his famous nephew Sir Robert Jones, forefather to British Orthopaedics. Thomas took Jones (aged 16) under his wing and indeed paid for him to go to medical school.

The Thomas Test for fixed hip flexion is an absolute requirement for any clinical exam - leave it out at your peril. He also wrote a paper on the management of the pulled elbow in 1883.




+3 # Guest 2005-04-04 00:34
Hugh Owen Thomas was not a Bonesetter, but was a physician who practiced in Liverpool, both general practice, and orthopaedic problems.He repeatedly condemned the practice of bonesetting, even though his father, grandfather, and great grandfather were bonesetters.He criticized physicians such as Paget, Marsh, and Hood, who tried to show the benefits of bonesetting and manipulation to the medical profession.However, it must be pointed out that H.O.Thomas learned about bonesetting from his father Evan Thomas, and Evan Thomas practiced bonesetting using traction,bandaging, and applications of pitch plaster, often on cases of dislocations and broken bones.Hugh Owen Thomas appears from his writings to have also used these types of techniques, but very little of forcible manipulative techniques as other bonesetters used.Thus Hugh Owen Thomas was critical of techniques that he had not practiced, and was not in a position to criticize.He continually condemned bonesetting in his writings, from 1875 to 1890.

Dr Gary Bovine, Chiropractor, Welland, Ontario, .ca
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+4 # Hywel Owen 2010-05-20 00:29
Please note that Anglesey is in Wales & therefore Hugh Owen Thomas was Welsh. Not everybody, thankfully, who reside in these islands are english
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