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Home Surgical Tutorials Vascular Surgery Tutorials CEAP Classification for venous disease

CEAP Classification for venous disease

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Written by Neville Dastur   
Monday, 21 May 2012 10:42

CEAP Classification


Clinical classification

C0: no visible or palpable signs of venous disease

C1: telangiectasies or reticular veins

C2: varicose veins

C3: edema

C4a: pigmentation or eczema

C4b: lipodermatosclerosis or atrophie blanche

C5: healed venous ulcer

C6: active venous ulcer


Etiologic classification

Ec: congenital

Ep: primary

Es: secondary (post-thrombotic)

En: no venous cause identified


Anatomic classification

As: superficial veins

Ap: perforator veins

Ad: deep veins

An: no venous location identified


Pathophysiologic classification

Pr: reflux

Po: obstruction

Pr,o: reflux and obstruction

Pn: no venous pathophysiology identifiable


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